Here's the build sheet and body tag to Guus de Haan's 1965 convertible Corsa turbo, VIN: 107675W207844

1965 Corvair Corsa convertible build sheet
Does anybody have andy idea what the last string of numbers is?

1965 Corvair Corsa Turbo body tag

To decode the option codes, you need the key of group and letter codes for your year of vehicle. GM has no record of this for the US-built '65 Corvair (in fact, they don't for most model years). Fortunately, Larry Claypool,, Mark Corbin, Stan East, Bill Hubbell, Dave Newell, Dave Trull and Kent Sullivan have done the hard part of comparing lots of factory installed options and body tags, and we get the benefit of their labors. The results of their research are published in the May, 2005 CORSA Communique. The article is also available on Kent Sullivan's website.

Note that the build sheet lists an option that the body tag doesn't, because the tag only lists the items that Fisher Body needed to know about when they were building the body. The option on the build sheet absent from the body tag is "L" in group five. Kent sullivan pointed out that the group number numeral is missing from the build sheet in this location.

So what did Guus's car come with, anyway?:

Note also that some of the data from the prior body are listed below the form text (body number 3744). I presume that the paper was mis-torn when it came off the printer.

Interested in some Canadian Content? Try this page from Kent Sullivan detailing the build tag from his ultra-rare Canadian '66 Corsa turbo convertible.

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